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Things you should not do in a B&B

Things you should not do in a B&B

B&Bs are designed to give you a near home experience with a bed and breakfast. You have the privilege of enjoying a good night’s sleep in a less crowded place; like a motel at a cheaper price. You should treat the premises like your property on the lesser extreme; I mean you need to go low on the supplies and high on conservation.

  • Ensure that you have the host phone number and email address on your phone, this also includes the place address that you can show to the taxi or uber guy.
  • Notify the owner or agency of your arrival time, notify the host of your intended arrival time and update them on any delays or early arrival. This is to ensure that the room will be ready by the time you get there. Most services are offered according to demand, not like the hotel where everything is set.
  • Notify the owner of any allergies, dietary restrictions and any other requirement beforehand, this will ensure you arrive at a comfortable home that you will enjoy during your stay. I made this mistake once. During my travels selling garage door parts as a sales rep, I was going to meet Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company in Little Rock, Arkansas and stayed at a B&B. Upon arrival I did not tell the owner I was allergic to peanuts. Consequently I was not warned of the peanuts that were in the candy bowl! If it weren’t for my epi pen I would have died.
  • Notify the host if you spill drinks and beverages on the sheets and carpet, this will ensure that it gets cleaned in time before it dries off. Fruit and wine spills are the worst on beddings and carpets.
  • Leave a tip in case you break something, this can be the water valve, electric equipment, chair, bed, window pane. This can, however, be added to the bill but don’t keep quiet and assume, the property is there to help other aspiring travelers and who knows you might land there again.
  • Notify the host of your breakfast plans before they go all the way into preparing food that you politely decline. You should also tell them about your requirements like breakfast in bed or if you intend to eat out.

Things you should not do

  • Do not overuse supplies like water or refrigerated goods, stick to the one item rule per person and be mindful of other guests.
  • Keep in mind and follow the rules and regulations; like bringing pets in the house, playing loud music, quiet hours and the like.
  • You should also use the house as your own, keep it tidy, keeping everything in its place and most importantly leave everything as you found it.

In conclusion, life in a B&B is better compared to a hostel or a hotel, the prices might be higher but the value of services will leave you satisfied.

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